March 27, 2018

Tahini-Banana Snack Cake ~ #TheCakeSliceBakers

“Cake is happiness! If you know the way of the cake, you know the way of happiness!
If you have a cake in front of you, you should not look any further for joy!”  - C. JoyBell C.

If you are a reader of my blog, you will know that I am a member of a wonderful cake-baking group called The Cake Slice Bakers.  This year we are baking our way through The Perfect Cake from America's Test Kitchen. So far all of the cakes our group has made have been fantastic, and I would strongly encourage you to add this cookbook to your collection. Now is the perfect time as it will be released tomorrow, March 27th. #atkcake

I had trouble making up my mind which cake to make this month, so I made two.  I blogged about the first one, a buttery Gâteau Breton a few days ago, but I also wanted to share this delicious Tahini-Banana Snack Cake too.  The flavor in this cake is amazing, and gets even better the next day - if it lasts that long.  This cake is so easy to put together and is a great way to use up those super-ripe bananas that are sitting on your counter.  The nuttiness of the tahini and the sweetness of the bananas is a match made in heaven.

As it baked the tantalizing smell of magic taking place in my oven had me pacing the kitchen, wishing it would bake quicker so I could try a little piece. Of course it felt a lot longer than it actually was, and this cake does need to cool down for about 2 hours after it is removed from the oven, but it is well worth the wait. This cake is so moist with the perfect balance of banana and sesame from the tahini. I think the snacking part in this title really means you just can't resist going back again and again for just another little nibble. Just looking at the photos has me craving it again.

America's Test Kitchen has asked us not to publish the recipes for the cakes we bake, but you can find the recipe for this cake on their website.  All other recipes are in the The Perfect Cake.


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