December 20, 2018

French Apple Cake ~ #TheCakeSliceBakers

The most simple things can bring the most happiness.

I am so sad to be announcing that this is our last cake that The Cake Slice Bakers will be baking from The Perfect Cake. This cookbook has been a dream to bake through and I am happy to report that all 12 of the cakes I have baked have been perfection. This cookbook has cakes for every level of experience and I love that it explains the hows and whys of the creation of the recipes. Even though our year of baking through this book is complete, I cannot wait to try all of the other cake recipes too. #atkcake

There is a shining light to the story. Finishing one book means that we will be baking through a brand new cake-centric cookbook starting in January 2019.  Whilst I can't reveal which book was selected by The Cake Slice Bakers, I can tell you that it is a cake-centric book and something a little different from what we have done before. This book has some amazing cakes in it, some of which are a little more technically challenging than your usual sponge cake.  Make sure you check back on January 20th when we do the big reveal.

December is always the month where we have free choice of any cake in our current book.  I had grand ideas at first of which cake I wanted to bake, but then time got away from me and I decided that with all of the extravagance at this time of the year I wanted something less decadent. My choice was the French Apple Cake.  This is just the sort of cake that my family loves as it is very similar to the cakes we would find in a coffee shop in Australia. This cake is so easy to make - no mixer required and it is so delicious.  The crunchy topping that the sprinkled sugar provides is outstanding and adds just the right amount of texture.  We ate this with a little whipped cream but I would love to have it with custard too. I can imagine switching the fruit to pears or peaches and it being equally delicious.

America's Test Kitchen has asked us not to publish the recipes for the cakes we bake, and I want to honor that because they have been so amazing to work with, so you can find the recipe for this cake on page 182 of The Perfect Cake. Of course I encourage everyone to run out and purchase the book so that you can have access to all of the amazing recipes, but this recipe may be available online if you search for it.

Each month The Cake Slice Bakers are offered a selection of cakes from the current book we are baking through. This year it is The Perfect Cake from America's Test Kitchen #atkcake. We each choose one cake to bake, and then on the 20th - never before - we all post about our cake on our blogs. There are a few rules that we follow, but the most important ones are to have fun and enjoy baking & eating cakes!

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  1. This looks delicious! I love the simplicity (no mixer is always a plus) and the crunchy topping from the sugar. I agree that a little touch of custard would be perfect here! Do you have a favorite custard recipe? I remember having it when I was young, but haven't seen it much in the US.

  2. Yum! I love fruity cakes, and this one sounds like something I could put together easily to take to a friend's house or a potluck.


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